Windows of light emerges from 2005 due to the need of that most public schools in the metropolitan area of the country, had problems with students. Around 20% retreating from its school year for several reasons, among which we can mention: need to work for the livelihood of their families, lack of resources for supplies and uniforms. But also detect that the most majority are retreating was due to low vision with visual acuity of 20/60, therefore not they could continue their studies by difficulty in learning and understanding at the same time of their classes.


Visualiza committed to contribute to the eradication of blindness preventable in our country, gotten down to the Metropolitan departmental Directorate of the Ministry of education for the listing of public schools, and thus be able to start working on this project.

Windows of Light aims to help children who have Visual problems, from the need for a pair of glasses to the requirement of a surgery on her eyes. The program manages to benefit children from pre-school age up to age 17, mainly helping public schools and communities in poverty and extreme poverty.


•Annually were able to assess more than 130 public schools in the capital city with the donation of more than 1300 lens for children.
• Our clinic of El Peten Vincent Pescatore is accomplished annually assess 300 schools and donation of 500 pairs of glasses to children

How it works:

through our Outreach Department coordinates with the schools to carry out a visual acuity training teachers to make the screenings to students, then sent a list to our clinic for review and tabulation, to detect how many children are in need of lenses or other conditions like strabismus, cataract, etc. then these children are referred to the clinic for a full evaluation and monitoring of their treatment , at the end of the process are delivered from the lenses to students free of charge.
This program does not receive any Government assistance.