Social projection:

Ophthalmological Association for the Prevention of Blindness

Visualiza operates a social service nonprofit and a private area that allows you to secure their financial sustainability. Social service area provides a wide range of eye care services for free or highly subsidized low-income people. 20% of patients Displays belong to private area, while 80% obtain their services subsidized and pay minimum rates, 10% of those are very poor patients for whom the service is free. We conducted about 50 outreach for the areas most affected by poverty near Guatemala City and several remote locations around southern Guatemala.

These activity have examined nearly 36,000 patients, who need more advanced treatments that cannot be performed in remote locations, are referred to the clinic for further treatment. It is also the only institution providing eye screenings for children between 5 and 14 years, reaching approximately 20,000 school-age children annually through programs in schools near Guatemala City. We participate in the world Sigth Day in the month of October each year, donating 250 surgeries to people suffering from cataracts. All these activities can be done through programs fundraising Visualiza clinic that employed during the year, among which include: Golf tournament, called Visualiza open, fourth tournament organized in 2015 Also, the race taking steps for light, 5K and 10 kilometers, where families can participate and support. Donations from organizations and individuals.