We offer a wide range of service for our patients seeking to fill your expectations with quality and high technology.


service of optics with the best quality brand rings. We also have our own optical lab and this guarantees us quality and punctuality.

Clinics and operating room

Equipped with last technology in ophthalmology 02 rooms of operations providing services from surgeries of cataract, pterygium, medical retina, ocular plastic surgery, transplantation of cornea, Refractive Laser/Femto, Keratoconus, etc.

Social Service

Focused on people with limited economic resources

Internal Medicine

Control of patients of hypertension, etc...


Balanced Diet and control of diabetes.

Nutritionist and Internist

Visualiza in the City of Guatemala joined other medical disciplines in practice for three reasons, 1) provide better medical care to our patients of the eye, 2) increase the references of the non-eye to Visualiza, 3) earn income from rent the clinical space that contributes toward financial sustainability of Visualiza. The internist and the nutritionist in the staff increases the quality of care we provide to our patients.