Vincent Pescatore

Is part of the Visualiza clinics, and the branch is located in San Benito Petén. It is the only Eye Center in the area; where we have diagnostic clinics , operating room , optics and lasers , well trained staff, ophthalmologists and optometrists. This in a center for people of all strata , emphasizing social work.


Vincent Pescatore clinics begins in 1998 with visits of doctor Yee and Hernandez with other Ophthalmologists from USA having outreach activities in the department of Petén. This initiative was founded in 1995 when Doug Villela American optometrist accepts the invitation of Vicente Pescatore, mission inspiring American who helps people and Orphans in the department of Peten in Guatemala , who first motivated by a Build Ophthalmology Clinic region . With the help of the International Eye Foundation , and the leadership and support of Ophthalmologists Mariano Yee, Nicolas Yee and Antonio Hernández , the first institution of Sustainable Eye clinics was established in Guatemala in 2001 , and now serves as a model for Other developing countries.


The general objectives of Vincent Pescatore are:

Reduce the incidence of reversible blindness in people caused by cataract and refractive error; with emphasis on low income.
Help patients surgically over 40 years to remove their cataract.
Eradicate preventable blindness.
To prevent blindness and eye diseases in the population.
Educate the public about eye health.
Involve as many people (promoters and counselors ) in Visual Health Service for the benefit of the community.
Introduce PESCATORE as the option in vision care.
Keep a quality service to the poor people.