About us:

We are a privately owned company with social projection, which contributes to the eradication of blindness preventable in our country. We provide a service of high quality and low cost eye care through a management of high-volume model. With only 2% of ophthalmologists in the country, Visualiza through its clinics in the city of Guatemala and Vincent Pescatore in San Benito, carried out more than 20% approximately of all cataract surgeries in Guatemala. Visualiza employs more than 80 people and has a complete optics that provides immediate delivery on many of their prescriptions.

Visualiza started at a small private clinic with two rooms in the city of Guatemala in 1995, and in 1997 they organize medical outreaches in the Peten Department. Had desires to expand its services to patients with limited resources or that they could not access eye care services, because of that in 2002 established a company of social model, which would handle the private and social in the same structure area. Initially, the clinic moved to a larger building, and built and equipped a social area and a private, including an operating room.

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